Summer Travel

For girls in grades K - 12th

April 2022 - June 2022

Summer Travel

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Why do parents choose Palmetto Lacrosse?

  • Exceptional value

  • Accelerated player development system that starts as young as Kindergarten

  • Convenient practice locations on Daniel Island

  • Reasonable travel expectations that provide maximum benefit

  • Motivated by our love for the game

  • We hold our players accountable to the Palmetto Lacrosse Player Expectations 

  • There is no roadmap to success, but we provide our players with the tools, resources, and encouragement needed to get there 

  • Palmetto players are comitted to their craft and persevere in the face of adversity


Teams are made on a season-season basis. Returning players are guaranteed their spot, only if they complete the required off-season work (varies based on age). Both new and returning players must attend tryouts. From summer 2021 to Fall 2021 we added 30 new players to our rosters, growing by more than 30% in one season. Grad years are combined when necessary but per-year teams is our goal. 

Our System

Lil Kids Lax - our introductory program for girls in grades K - 2 designed to introduce the FUNdamental skills of lacrosse. Our goal is to instill a love for the game at a young age that players carry through the rest of their playing career. All local play, no travel required and no tryout.

Youth Travel - girls in grades 3 - 5 receive more in-depth instruction with a heavy focus on individual skills like throwing, catching, and shooting. This is a crucial step in the long term development of a player becuase those who join the system at this level or earlier are more likely to become higher skilled players down the road. Tournament games are played in 8v8 format on small-sided fields. 

Middle School Travel - games are now played on a full-size field in 12v12 format. Practice time is now used to teach more comlpex team concepts. We increase player accountability and "homework" is assigned. Players are given access to our Google Classroom* with instructional videos and lessons. Players are encouraged and expected to practice their individual skills on their own time.

High School Travel - player accountability is now at full-tilt. The training is harder and the expectations are higher. Players are required to practice their individual skills on their own time and more than that, they should want to! At this stage, players should be holding themselves accountable and taking responsibility for their game. This is where difference is made between good and great players.  

* Co-director Kelsey Reynolds is a CCSD Health & Physical Education teacher. She used her educational skills to create our one-of-a-kind online curriculum designed to reinforce the kinestetics skills we teach in practice, though visual and auditory learning techniques.


Subject to change

Selecting which tournaments to attend is the most important decision we make as directors. Therefore, tournament selection varies from one grad year to the next and not all teams will attend all of the below events. We take great care to ensure we put our teams in front of quality competition that provides maximum benefit to player & team development while minimizing the cost and time commitment required by parents. 

Summer 2022


Palmetto Lacrosse Jamboree 

Date TBD

Charleston, SC


Lake Norman Summer Classic

May 21st & 22nd

Mooresville, NC

Bitter Lacrosse_Brand Logo_new.webp

Carolina Lax Festival

June 4th & 5th

Greenville, SC


Beat the Heat

June 11th & 12th

Myrtle Beach, SC

Bitter Lacrosse_Brand Logo_new.webp

Palmetto Lax Classic

June 18th & 19th

Ravanel, SC


Asheville Lacrosse Classic

June 25th & 26th

Asheville, NC

Lake Norman-1
Lake Norman-98


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